“My life has been filled with terrible tragedies, most of which never happened.”
– Mark Twain

Something feels different.

We’re not talking about first date or final exam jitters or the typical stress in everyday living.

It’s more persistent and excessive than just being anxious in response to everyday challenges, and it is beginning to interfere with your life.

Some describe it as being stuck, some as trapped, some as a motor that won’t shut off.

It’s that keyed-up feeling.

You’re aware of your frequent worrying and over-analyzing things, and you know there’s no rational reason for it.

Decision-making is difficult because you feel paralyzed and overwhelmed.

Feeling restless and unable to relax makes it hard for you to concentrate.

Your exercise routine consists of tossing and turning in bed at night, struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep.

So many times, you find yourself being easily startled.

Social situations don’t feel right.

These feelings are messing around with your social life and your self-esteem.

You get the heebie-jeebies when meeting new people. You avoid social events that you know could be fun because you can’t shake the apprehension.

And you have concerns about embarrassing yourself or being judged by others.

This keeps you from being your authentic self.

Negative thoughts ratchet up your worries.

Thoughts of not being “good enough” force you to push yourself to over-accomplish to the point of exhaustion.

You often find yourself thinking with regrets about the past or predicting bad things will happen in the future without any facts upon which to base your thoughts.

You’re always thinking about when the other shoe will drop.

Let me help you prevent that shoe from dropping.

The feelings that you are describing go beyond “just feeling anxious.” Persistent feelings of being out of control, overwhelmed, restless, and flooded with irrational dread are symptoms of anxiety.

There is no reason to live with thoughts that lead to anxiety.

Together, we can identify and implement thinking and behavioral strategies to keep that other ruby slipper that you’re worried about dropping on the shoe rack where it belongs. And to also put its mate back on the shoe rack as well, so they will be there for you to click together when you need to get back home from the land of Oz in the future.

Contact me today by completing the form below or calling (908) 393-6300, so we can start the process of recapturing those good feelings.